07807/06/2013 -The last two weeks have been pretty busy moving into my new apartment for me and I didn’t get to bike as much as I’d like. However, this Saturday I made up for it in full swing!

I went to check out the Summer of One Love Festival at THEMUSEUM in Kitchener. The admission was free! There was Caribbean food, live music, face painting, and crafts. Of course, all of THEMUSEUM’s regular exhibits were there as well and I had a blast playing with the giant lego pieces!
We also had free admission into the Bob Marley Exhibit at THEMUSEUM. It was definitely worth checking. I’m a fan of guitars, so looking at the various guitars that was used for different concerts was totally awesome. Also, learning more about Bob Marley was very interesting.

After checking out the festival at THEMUSEUM, we proceeded to get to our route. The route today was planned around Cherry Park as the Cherry Festival organized by the Cherry Park Neighbourhood Association and they did a splendid job with it! Kudos to all the ladies and gentlemen who worked hard to organize this event. By the time we got there, it was near closing time so there wasn’t much to taste, however I did drink my very first Cherry Coke! You don’t really see too many of those around here. 😛

I haven’t biked since about two weeks and I have to say while my endurance didn’t go back to zero, I did lose some of the muscles that I built at the height of my momentum in cycling. Some of the more tougher hills required more effort than I’d like to admit… However, hopefully by keeping pushing ourselves and continuing to cycle, I’ll build back the strength soon!

By the time we completed the route, it was past supper and so we stopped by Thai Bistro on Belmont. They were near closing time, but we managed to get some take-out before they shut their doors. The problem then became where we could go to enjoy our dinner. Of course, since this *is* Streets of KW… I thought the most appropriate place was… well…


 All in all, a fun day with friends and some great exercise! Cycling is fuuuuun!!





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  2. They pushed Cherry Coke in the 90s, but in the early 00s they decided to branch out and diluted the market with things like Vanilla and Lime Coke, which lead to discontinuing Cherry Coke in Canada. So it’s pretty hard to find now, unless you make it yourself or know a store that imports from the US, so I’m pretty curious about where they got some (it’d be good to know another source if the University plaza Farahs decides to stop carrying it).

    • I believe if you email the cherry park neighborhood association who organized this event they would be able to tell you where they got them 🙂

  3. Just a quick note to tell you that I’ve been enjoying your blog. You’re really getting to know Kitchener Waterloo and thanks for sharing your discoveries. I’m wondering if we could reblog one of your posts or if you’d like to write a guest post for us? “Riding the Streets of KW” We get about 32,000 page vies a month so it would be great exposure for your blog.

    • Hi Keith!

      I would totally be interested. You are welcome to re-blog my posts or if you’d like me to write a guest post on your blog as well, I definitely can do that. I’m very flexible as this is all just for fun for me.

      More exposure would be great 😀

      Let me know if you’d like to chat about it sometime. My email is yuyren@yuyr.net 😀

      Thanks Keith

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