086 07/16/2013 – Today I did an evening bike route starting at 8 pm. The positive: the weather starts to cool down significantly around sunset and on a hot sweltering day like today, it was a blessing. The negative: this means I don’t get home until 10 pm after my bike ride and about half of the route is done in the dark, which means, helmet lights, head lights, front and back bike lights, need to be turned on and flashing and potholes become extra dangerous.

Nonetheless it was great to get out and putting my legs to work again.

Kitchener-Waterloo holds some pretty nice neighbourhoods. I have come across many of them so far in my travels but never posted any of them here on this site because, well, I figured these are people’s homes so maybe they wouldn’t like that. However, I figured I have not caused any defamation with my pictures, and truly I just want to share the beauty of some of these residences. After all, why make your place so good looking if you don’t want anyone to see it? Besides, this is all on Google Street View and as long as I’m taking it from the street and not entering their property, I figured it’d be okay (these are my justifications!). So here we have a beautiful house at a street corner. They really did a nice job with their garden!


So I basically cycled the outskirts of Waterloo today. Benjamin Road is the dividing line between Waterloo and St. Jacobs. Standing on Benjamin Road, I took a picture of the beautiful sunset that greeted me.

Soon after this it became dark and I finished another 13 or so kilometres before heading back home. The night air was very fresh 🙂


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