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TriTAG – Tri-Cities Transport Action Group promotes the idea that people should be able to walk, cycle, and take transit to everywhere they need to go without feeling like it is inconvenient, or that they are inconveniencing other people. They describe it as “with dignity”. In my time cycling the streets of KW, while many roads are bike friendly, there have been times where I have been yelled at to get off the road and get a car. TriTAG promotes better, active transportation and you should definitely check out their website to get more information.

Community Access BIKESHARE – This project I personally find absolutely great! For a one time membership, you are able to use the bike for a short duration to get around the city (perhaps to run errands during lunch time?). I hope that this will grow to encompass more of the city and have more stations in the future.

In the Media

May 16, 2013 – Here’s our article in the Kitchener Post:

Pedal power| Women set out to explore all the streets of Kitchener and Waterloo by bicycle while raising money for charity