0435/25/2013 – I’d love to bike all day and explore the city and I wish that is the only thing that I have to do. Unfortunately other life demands on my time has made it impossible for me to bike in the last week. However, today was so eventful that I think makes up for the lack of biking in the last couple days.

Today was the Hohner Avenue Porch Party! Those familiar with the Grand Porch Party at Uptown Waterloo, this is kind of a similar deal. The road is closed to car traffic and is filled with people, children, and animals (generally on leashes 😉 )! Music and the sounds of happy people wafted through the air, carried throughout the neighbourhood by the gentle breeze that presented itself today. There were so many cool bands playing for us of various styles of music. Listed in this picture were just some of the highlights that I personally went to see, but there were lots more and I had a great time.

I was wearing my bright green Streets of KW t-shirt and struck up some interesting conversations with people who were curious about my project. My biking partner and I were stopped numerous times to explain the project (thank you all so much for your interest, it really makes this worthwhile). Through this all, I met tons of new people and had the honour and privilege to talk to so many of my wonderful neighbours.

I am a huge fan of bands, music, and those who play music (I play multiple instruments myself!). I love supporting local artists and this event was just so incredibly uplifting. It showed art, music, and a great sense of community. I met so many new people at this event and caught up with many old friends. If you have never checked out a porch party yet, please make sure to mark your calendars for the Grand Porch Party in two weeks! I will definitely check out Hohner Avenue Porch Party again next year, should they make it an annual tradition.

There was chalk and there was street, I couldn’t pass over this opportunity. I drew a quick sketch of the City of Kitchener logo. I joined all the small children in creating art on the road! Huzzah!



After having spent hours at the porch party, I finally bid farewell to friends. My bike partner and I made our way for biking the actual neighbourhood. I have to say, I really love this area! The houses here have a lot of character and the personality of the older neighbourhood shone through. I would love to live in a neighbourhood like this. Everyone we passed nodded at us and were so friendly.

One of the interesting things I noticed is that how quickly the human body adapts to new levels of physical activity. I have not biked for about 5 days and it gave my body time to heal. Today when I rode the 23km of the route, I did not even break a sweat, or change gears at all! This was surprising to me as last week, this distance and the hills would have been quite a struggle.

I am looking forward to getting stronger and more physically fit. I’ve still got a long way to go but as I keep telling myself, “Baby steps, love. Baby Steps.”



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