10/12/2013 – I went for a two hour bike ride over the Thanksgiving weekend and due to work and other obligations did not have the opportunity to write about it yet. Due to the wet weather that is typical of autumn, it is difficult to find a good time to go out cycling. With work and other obligations getting in the way I have not been able to cycle as often as I did over the summer.

While the ride itself was rather typical there is something I would like to share with everyone. It is the beauty of nature and the wonderful fall colours that we get to experience every year this season. The changing of the leaves on a clear afternoon while the air is brisk was really the most ideal cycling condition.

I snapped a few pictures of the beautiful leaves turning and the complementary contrast against the blue sky made it incredibly appealing.

I really enjoyed this ride and hope to get a few good ones out before I have to put a full stop to the cycling for the winter months.

One of the fun events to watch out for is Night/SHIFT happening on November 2nd. There is going to a biking exhibit so watch out for that, all you avid cyclists!


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