09/05/2015 – It’s May! Holy cow, where did the time go?? Work and life has been getting in my way of getting out there and cycling. This year, I am taking it a bit easy on the Ultimate frisbee playing (only 2 night full time!) so that should free up some time for cycling. I am eager to get out there and cycle some more.

This year started off with a casual bike ride around the Stanley Park area in Kitchener. It is truly a beautiful neighbourhood. I went out an cycled in the morning, and already there were people out working on their yards. It’s a good thing too, because these last few days, including today, have been incredibly hot for this time of the year. This means that it is probably wise to do your gardening and yard work in the morning or later at night to avoid the blazing sun.

The route was about 20km long and I went at a leisurely pace, completing the route at a few minutes shy of 1.5 hours.

I’m looking forward to getting more cycling done this summer!



2013/10/06 – Despite not having updated the site much in the last little while, I ensure you that this project is still one of my top priorities. A lot has happened in my life recently so I am just getting back into the groove of things. Today I am here to share with you the awesome event I had attended as part of Streets of KW, Color Me RAD 5K!

I will be forgiving this time that they spell Color the American way, but only because the race was soooo awesome!! I had gathered a bunch of friends and perfect strangers to join me to run the 5K with me. The race started at Kitchener City Hall and ended at Victoria Park! Our team of 10 runners got separated during the race as there were so many people, but reunited at the end of race for some colourful and sweaty hugs! 🙂

I had previously injured my shins playing Ultimate Frisbee the week prior, so the 5K was actually very difficult for me to run, however I made it and had a great time! At the finish line, the resident food trucks of the region as well as a stage playing live music was there to greet the colourful crowd.

I expect to continue to cycle and attend events in the awesome region of KW until the weather gets a bit colder, at which point I will put the project on hiatus and resume again in the spring! Look forward to sharing more stories with everyone!



0978/18/2013 – So after having cycled for so much recently, I felt like I wasn’t doing justice to the project “Biking and Walking all the Streets of Kitchener-Waterloo”. I had therefore organized a Heritage Walk around Victoria Park and invited people to come join me on the walk. I’m happy to say that that I was able to take 13 other people for a walk around the area, looking at Heritage homes and getting some of the history from our very own town.

We visited 26 heritage locations as stipulated on the self-guided walking tour brochure provided by the City of Kitchener. It is in need of an update as some homes were no longer in existence, but for the most part, it was a very nice comprehensive map of all the homes we wanted to see.

The weather was absolutely amazing. This was great because actually I had previously scheduled this Heritage Walk, but it got rained out due to the severe thunderstorms we had been experiencing earlier this season.

When we were walking around Victoria Park, we had noticed that people were setting up some tents and chairs. Upon further inquiry, it turned out there was a free BBQ hosted by a local church group. So not only did our group get to go out for a nice walk on a fine Saturday afternoon, we also were able to get free food and relax for a nice BBQ after the walk.


One of the highlights of the trip for me was the Schneider Haus museum. There, we were able to go on the property and received a short tour of the original Schneider Haus, where an exhibitor was busy cutting fruit for drying. He gave us a quick tour of the house, which was an added bonus.

All in all, a pretty eventful day. I thank all those who came and explored the park and its surrounding areas with me, and I hope in the future that more people with join me on my crazy little excursions!

067 6/16/2013 – Today was Open Streets Waterloo! I started the day with biking around the Westmount Golf area, ending at King and Erb just in time for Open Streets Waterloo! 

When I left the house this morning it looked like the event might get rained on, but by the time I arrived, the skies were clear, the sun ways out, and the streets were filled with people.

There were dancers, hola hoopers (that’s so a word right?), jugglers, wrestlers, and of course various musicians!

066Ever played street scrabble? Ever played street scrabble with googly eyes involved? Anything goes on street scrabble! My friends Ashley and Amanda [and the Bad Idea Bears] have an awesome summer project of putting googly eyes on various parts of Waterloo, to symbolize the cartoon nature of Waterloo. They post pictures and blog about their adventure here, so check out their awesome work!

065Also, not sure why, but I seem to keep finding myself on top of scooters these days! Today I got to take an free spin on one of these scooters! The lovely folks at ZiP EcoRide brought out their bikes and were letting the public try out their bikes! No pin-up girl attempts this time, but I am really enjoying these scooters. Of course, I do believe if I did the Streets of KW project on one of these, that’d be cheating 😛

The next Open Streets Waterloo happens on July 20th! Please come out and enjoy the fun! I’ll be there, I believe I will be on official business volunteering for the event! Look forward to it!




058 6/15/2013 – Before my bike route today, I went and checked out Waterloo Mini Maker Faire! It was very exciting to see all the various creative people who name themselves as makers; from 3D printing, LIDAR, to knitters, steam punk contraption designers, giant cupcake makers, woodworkers, metal smiths and so much more. It was really an event not to be missed!
I had a blast there and took some silly shots. One of my most memorable displays there was ThalmicLabs.  Their cool new technology allows for a new degree of human-computer integration that could revolutionize the way we interact with our technology. I can see so many cool applications for this! I’m really looking forward to seeing their first pro-types due to come out early next year! Check out a short video of how their product works here!

Then there was David Ribble, who is a woodworker! The stuff he creates is made out of wine barrels! Based in Ktichener, if you’re interested in antiques, collectables, or have some furniture you’d like repaired, I think this is your man! I’ve included his email address in my post so give him a shout!

060 I have only highlighted some of the individuals I ended up interacting with during the event, however every one of the maker’s creations is truly unique and shows us the boundless creativity and talent within the Region of Waterloo. I’m truly proud and honoured to have been part of this experience!

After checking out all the wonderful things at the Faire, I continued up the street and completed a short route for the afternoon. It was actually the route I wasn’t able to complete the other day due to a tire failure halfway through! In the end, things tend to work out.

Looking forward to riding more tomorrow. The weather isn’t terribly promising, but I’ll be there rain or shine!