027On a [relatively] warm day in March ’13, Yuy Ren was taking a stroll through unknown streets to watch a staged reading in Kitchener. On her way there she passed a couple arguing on their front porch, a elderly man closing his shop, people walking their dogs, and random sights and places she had never seen. There were streets, people, shops, and places that were all new to her.

Despite having lived in the region since ’05, she realized there were yet so many things about KW that she had yet to see!

Not a stranger to ambitious goals and outrageous projects, Yuy Ren will attempt to bike/walk all the streets of Kitchener-Waterloo. Along the way, she hopes to discover more of the region and its inhabitants and possibly even inspire others to take on their own crazy ambitious projects.

The Team:

Yuy Ren – Founder & Project Coodinator

Nan Yang – Marketing Officer

Contact Information:

I can be reached through twitter or Facebook either publicly or through private messaging. These should all be connected to my phone and on my person at all times!

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/streetsofkw/
Twitter: @streetsofkw
Email: yuyren@yuyr.net