04/24/2013 – When our family friends had heard that we were moving to Canada back in 1997, they told us a joke. “Do you know why it is called Kanada?” they exclaimed. “No? Why?” the curious child-me asked. “Well, an explorer had landed on the shores of Kanada.” they explained, “He looked around and said ‘Keiner Da!’”  For those who do not speak German, ‘Keiner Da’ means ‘No one’s here’.

This was certainly how I felt today as I biked through the streets in the southeast block by Westmount and Ottawa. All the streets were empty. There were a few cars passing by, but really only to get to one’s driveway in order to get out of the cold. Radcliffe Park was empty. It was rather… depressing actually.

001So as I started this project, I had first considered investing in a bike GPS. One that can integrate with my MapMyRide account or where I can upload GPX routes. My search ended in me deciding that there was a much much cheaper option. Behold, my poor man’s GPS! This time I put the paper in a plastic sleeve and duct taped it to my arm. This worked out a lot better than fumbling with a crinkled piece of paper while signalling, shoulder checking, and gathering my bearings as I did last time.

My route ended with a brief tour of McLennan Park. I saw one person with a puppy there. One. The strong winds, wet snow, and chilly weather may have had something to do with it, but it was definitely very… solitary. In case you don’t believe me about the snow, I have captured evidence (image is darker due to flash).


The first thing I noticed about McLennan Park was that it was on a hill, and at a higher elevation than its entire surroundings. Turns out McLennan Park used to be a landfill site, which was closed in the 1970s and built over with homes. However, the area had issues with high levels of methane gas, and pipes were built to release the gas for many years. Since then the area has naturalized and became McLennan Park. The City of Kitchener invested $3M into the development of this park and it includes playgrounds, splash pad, skate park, bike trails, dog park, picnic areas, toboggan hills, and many other amenities.

Overall I think it’s a very nice park that should really be enjoyed more. I certainly didn’t pick the right time to go visit, now did I? I encourage you to check it out if you haven’t already… on a nicer day.


 AN: 4/26/2013 – It appears to be very important to note that it is called Mount. Trashmore. Everyone I know who is local has been reminding me of it! So here.. I am making it the official declaration! Mt. Trashmore!! 😛



  1. The locals call McLennan Park “Mount Trashmore”. It has a leash-free dog park, and is actually quite pleasant, but the name sticks.

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