058 6/15/2013 – Before my bike route today, I went and checked out Waterloo Mini Maker Faire! It was very exciting to see all the various creative people who name themselves as makers; from 3D printing, LIDAR, to knitters, steam punk contraption designers, giant cupcake makers, woodworkers, metal smiths and so much more. It was really an event not to be missed!
I had a blast there and took some silly shots. One of my most memorable displays there was ThalmicLabs.  Their cool new technology allows for a new degree of human-computer integration that could revolutionize the way we interact with our technology. I can see so many cool applications for this! I’m really looking forward to seeing their first pro-types due to come out early next year! Check out a short video of how their product works here!

Then there was David Ribble, who is a woodworker! The stuff he creates is made out of wine barrels! Based in Ktichener, if you’re interested in antiques, collectables, or have some furniture you’d like repaired, I think this is your man! I’ve included his email address in my post so give him a shout!

060 I have only highlighted some of the individuals I ended up interacting with during the event, however every one of the maker’s creations is truly unique and shows us the boundless creativity and talent within the Region of Waterloo. I’m truly proud and honoured to have been part of this experience!

After checking out all the wonderful things at the Faire, I continued up the street and completed a short route for the afternoon. It was actually the route I wasn’t able to complete the other day due to a tire failure halfway through! In the end, things tend to work out.

Looking forward to riding more tomorrow. The weather isn’t terribly promising, but I’ll be there rain or shine!



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