4/19/2014 – It’s been a long cold winter and I have been itching to get out and cycle. For those who were wondering, I have not given up on this project but took a few months off to hibernate from the cold Canadian weather.

I am however super glad to get back on the road again and strengthen my endurance to new levels while at the same time exploring the outdoors and our community.

Before starting this project, I was not so familiar with all the cool and interesting things that are happening in our town. Kitchener-Waterloo is a truly unique and vibrant place and should you choose to embrace it, you will discover something new about it every day. Last year I explored the various summer festivals¬†and outdoor events that were happening and there were so many of them. This year I will still be going to these events, but I think I’ll be looking at more obscure and less well-known events, businesses, and communities to cycle and chat about here.

Today I cycled with CLIPPED Outdoors’ event: Spring Community Bike Ride!¬†About a dozen or so men and women gathered in front of Kitchener City Hall at 1pm today for a 2 hour tour of the local trails and the city. The group was very energetic and the weather was incredible.

This is my first ride for the season. I expected my endurance to be much worse, but playing ultimate frisbee all winter (indoors… please, I’m not that crazy) really helped keep my cardiovascular health up. However, after the 23km, I could still feel the tiredness set in. I am looking forward to cycling a lot more this summer and getting up to speed again! Perhaps I’ll see you out on the Streets of KW!