086 07/16/2013 – Today I did an evening bike route starting at 8 pm. The positive: the weather starts to cool down significantly around sunset and on a hot sweltering day like today, it was a blessing. The negative: this means I don’t get home until 10 pm after my bike ride and about half of the route is done in the dark, which means, helmet lights, head lights, front and back bike lights, need to be turned on and flashing and potholes become extra dangerous.

Nonetheless it was great to get out and putting my legs to work again.

Kitchener-Waterloo holds some pretty nice neighbourhoods. I have come across many of them so far in my travels but never posted any of them here on this site because, well, I figured these are people’s homes so maybe they wouldn’t like that. However, I figured I have not caused any defamation with my pictures, and truly I just want to share the beauty of some of these residences. After all, why make your place so good looking if you don’t want anyone to see it? Besides, this is all on Google Street View and as long as I’m taking it from the street and not entering their property, I figured it’d be okay (these are my justifications!). So here we have a beautiful house at a street corner. They really did a nice job with their garden!


So I basically cycled the outskirts of Waterloo today. Benjamin Road is the dividing line between Waterloo and St. Jacobs. Standing on Benjamin Road, I took a picture of the beautiful sunset that greeted me.

Soon after this it became dark and I finished another 13 or so kilometres before heading back home. The night air was very fresh :)


084 7/14/2013 – Today’s post spans the time of two Sundays. Last Sunday July 7th I had actually gone cycling, but the weather was poor and my cycling buddy and I had to consistently stop under trees during downpours to avoid being completely soaked.

We did utilize this time very wisely and answered the all-important question of “Do Blueberries sink or float in water?” This is CLEARLY a question you have been wondering a long long time. So we answered it. As you can see in the picture, no, they do not float. Sorry.

The cycling was going very well and my original intent was to end at Victoria Park in the afternoon. However, it saddens me to say that I never made it to Victoria Park. In fact, at almost the end of the route, after 29km, I wiped out on the road and got injured. My front wheel was totally warped and I was a big bloody mess.

Okay, so the injury was exaggerated. I escaped the fall with some small cuts and bruises. However my bike needed a new front wheel. I had replaced it during the week and then this Sunday went on to finish the route I had planned, plus some more. This time, I finally made it to Vic Park.


I am never going to get tired of looking at Victoria Park. The scenery is absolutely amazing and I am so glad to have such a beautiful park in my hometown. I was watching these FALUN DAFA practitioners meditating on the green field for a while and thought, I should bring my own meditation exercises to the park sometime.


Another interesting discovery I made today on my route is this Ford Model T on someone’s curb. I imagine it wasn’t there for the garbage collectors, but more for show. The plaque on the back says “The Canadian Model T Assembly Team”. I’m not sure what this was, until I looked it up when I got home. It appears to be an assembly competition of sorts. These guys apparently can put together a Ford Model T automobile in under 10 minutes! Below I found a video of such a feat being performed, go youtube and the internetz!

So I’m not happy I wiped out last Sunday, but I’m glad I had to go back this weekend, or else I wouldn’t have found this gem! One of the interesting things about this project is that so far, it has been full of wonderful surprises and discoveries.

I hope to find more interesting things and meet more interesting people as I continue on my journey to bike/walk all the streets of Kitchener-Waterloo!


07807/06/2013 -The last two weeks have been pretty busy moving into my new apartment for me and I didn’t get to bike as much as I’d like. However, this Saturday I made up for it in full swing!

I went to check out the Summer of One Love Festival at THEMUSEUM in Kitchener. The admission was free! There was Caribbean food, live music, face painting, and crafts. Of course, all of THEMUSEUM’s regular exhibits were there as well and I had a blast playing with the giant lego pieces!
We also had free admission into the Bob Marley Exhibit at THEMUSEUM. It was definitely worth checking. I’m a fan of guitars, so looking at the various guitars that was used for different concerts was totally awesome. Also, learning more about Bob Marley was very interesting.

After checking out the festival at THEMUSEUM, we proceeded to get to our route. The route today was planned around Cherry Park as the Cherry Festival organized by the Cherry Park Neighbourhood Association and they did a splendid job with it! Kudos to all the ladies and gentlemen who worked hard to organize this event. By the time we got there, it was near closing time so there wasn’t much to taste, however I did drink my very first Cherry Coke! You don’t really see too many of those around here. 😛

I haven’t biked since about two weeks and I have to say while my endurance didn’t go back to zero, I did lose some of the muscles that I built at the height of my momentum in cycling. Some of the more tougher hills required more effort than I’d like to admit… However, hopefully by keeping pushing ourselves and continuing to cycle, I’ll build back the strength soon!

By the time we completed the route, it was past supper and so we stopped by Thai Bistro on Belmont. They were near closing time, but we managed to get some take-out before they shut their doors. The problem then became where we could go to enjoy our dinner. Of course, since this *is* Streets of KW… I thought the most appropriate place was… well…


 All in all, a fun day with friends and some great exercise! Cycling is fuuuuun!!




072 6/23/2013 – On Sunday I biked the beautiful forest hill area for 26 km or so before heading over to Victoria Park where the KW Multi Cultural Festival was held.

This was a very hot day for biking and it was definitely a full work out for me.

I was told that the Multicultural festival was more packed on the Sunday than the day previously. The entire weekend was incredibly humid, but it appears that people came out anyway, judging by the numbers in attendance.

I had a blast there and was happy to see the various different vendors, demonstrations, displays, and not to mention food of the various cultures.

My good friend and streets of KW comrade pictured here did mention jokingly that while this was a multicultural festival, it was severely lacking in a Canadian tent serving poutine. It appears that Canada is so laid back and non-prominent in its own culture that we forgot ourselves!


When it comes to different cultures, food is always on top of the list. The food selection at the multicultural festival was quite impressive (despite the lack of poutine :P). I personally enjoyed a pita so as to be able to walk around and explore. All in all I had a blast!

One of the interesting things worth mentioning on this trip is that the area I biked had some of the smoothest roads I have seen thus far. Most places are laden with pot holes and uneven and patched roads. Clearly, this area has been newly paved and it looks very impressive and was very smooth to ride on!

All in all, a very eventful day. I highly recommend people to WEAR SUNSCREEN when you are out cycling. Take it from me, that was one thing I didn’t do very well on this fine fine day.




069 06/20/2013 – Today I had the fortune to speak on Radio Laurier’s show Guitar Strings and Community Things, hosted by the lovely and talented Anna Beard!

I spent about 15 minutes at the station talking about my experience and my project. It was really fun!

On my way there however, I heard a lot of noise was being made at Kraus Street and Northfield at the William’s Cafe there. As I got closer, sure enough, it appears that it was Yogurty’s grand opening today. They were playing music, dancing, and lots of people were in line for some delicious froyo.

Now this plaza truly has got everything; coffee, breakfast, sushi, various eateries (Benh Thanh!) and now froyo!

Yesterday I took a 25km ride around Glen Forest area! I must be getting really fit as the 25km was a cinch. I remember the first time I started (route #1!). It was 13 km long and afterwards my legs felt like jelly for about three days.

I have also noticed I have better attention span and generally increased energy throughout the day. So if the gym’s not for you, come cycling with me!